Bespoke Savile Row Tailoring

At Jasper Littman we specialise creating bespoke and semi bespoke gentlemen’s suits – the personification of classic English elegance, and the ultimate garment to express style and individual personality.

Our Savile Row suits are measured, fitted and delivered by our expert visiting tailors, and are created exclusively in England using the finest English fabrics.

The bespoke difference

Raising the sartorial bar

Semi-Bespoke Suits

We understand that the cost of wearing fully bespoke suits is a luxury open to a diminishing number of people.

Enter the Jasper Littman Semi-Bespoke suit – ideal for those who demand more than an ‘off-the-peg’ or retail ‘made-to-measure’ suit could ever deliver.

They retain the same signature silhouette that has been developed by Jasper Littman over many years in Savile Row. You will be fitted by the same expert tailor at your home or place of work, and you will have the choice of the same range of exclusive English fabrics.

The difference lies in the process we use to create your garment. It remains a unique creation, made exclusively for you, but is available at a significantly more modest cost.

Our semi-bespoke suits will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks to complete, with prices for a two-piece starting at £849.

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The ultimate in hand-tailored perfection

Fully bespoke suits

A fully bespoke Savile Row tailored suit represents the absolute last word in individualism, elegance and style. 100% hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. 

Using techniques largely unchanged in over a hundred years, our expert tailors will create a truly unique garment around you – guaranteed to fit your shape, style and personality like nothing else.

The result is the combination of a process that comprises over forty measurements, hand-cutting, multiple fittings and re-cutting – and the expertise and unrelenting attention to detail of our Savile Row tailors. 

A Jasper Littman bespoke suit will take between 10 -12 weeks to create, with prices starting at around £4,300. 

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When only the best will do

Groom Suits

Groom suits have been a Jasper Littman speciality for some time, and we have become experts in catering for the theme of the wedding whatever that may be.

As with all of the garments we offer, groom suits can be created on a semi-bespoke or fully bespoke basis, depending upon your wishes, available timescales and budget. 

Whilst retaining the characteristics of a tailored Savile Row suit, your groom suit can be a unique reflection of your style and personality, with a wide range of traditional and contemporary fabric options available. 
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